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How to Make Blue Yeti Sound Better: Best Settings for Gaming

You can frame Blue Yeti as a piece of magical equipment. It records every piece of music with precision with fantastic quality. It ‘s just that you should know how to record it and use it in a great manner. If you are a struggler or learner, then spending a lot on equipment for the recording sound is of no use. Learn the way to record yeti for your youtube channel, gaming, podcasting, and much more. This article will tell you how to make blue yeti sound better. Stay tuned and record the details in your mind nicely.

How to Make Blue Yeti Sound Better

1. A hearty goodbye to the echo

The real criminals are the echos. You need to get rid of these echoes in the first place. Have you noticed that the table on which you place the mic on has sharp edges and angels? Of course, every table has one. But here you need to get rid of those sharp angles and surfaces. So placing a towel on the table or a tablecloth will even work that covers all the surfaces properly. Now have a small foam sheet in front of the mic to avoid the disturbances. 

Now that we are secured from the top and bottom make sure that the backside of the mic is also covered. You can pull a large towel, blanket, or any such cloth. Do not go with the curtain of thin fabric. Use the thick ones only. This is to avoid the sound from the surrounding. 

2. The mic is not your lover, so don’t come too CLOSER

I know I know when you are full in your recording mood, you just hold your mic and break all the barriers of sensitivity and almost gulp it. Ouch, the mic! To make blue yeti sound better, you need to be far from the mic while recording. Now how to decide the distance? Here’s a simple way. 

Take your fist and keep on the top of the mic; this is the top distance to get your sound register properly in the blue yeti. While dealing with blue yeti never go from the top, you should be recording it from the front of the microphone and not top-bottom, left or right.

Distance from mic: How to Make Blue Yeti Sound Better

3. Self Monitoring at peak

After all, this preparation does not forget to wear your headphones at the time of recording. Having a headphone is itself a great feeling, but here you can know how you sound. Put the blue yeti on Cardioid mode and turn down as low as possible, but don’t totally mute it. If you have thoroughly accomplished the two phases above, then your voice should be velvety, smooth, and up-close to the ears. 


So podcasters, now you must have got a way to make blue yeti sound better. I hope that you record perfectly without having any disturbances. Also, you can use the blue yeti mic for gaming and game chat. It is too much fun to use the mic correctly. It was super easy, right? Do not reply to false rumors, and I would suggest all to know about the blue yeti mic first and then try their hand on it. Most people are failing due to minor mistakes but can avoid them by following the phases. Always try something new each time to learn cool tricks of creating music.

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