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How to Connect Behringer Mixer to Computer- Easy & Simple Guide

Congratulations on your new Behringer mixer! Are you ready to rock and roll with it?

Behringer is a leading manufacturer of audio mixers that help you control the sound and tonality of
music during performances, both live and in the studio. No matter which mixer you buy from
Behringer, you will see around 5 audio input jacks.

You can connect the mixer to your computer using the right equipment (very basic) to use the latter
as an audio source or a record sound using a mic. Needless to say, this will help you input sound to your mixer and capture mixed sound based on your needs.

The connection process may sound simple, but we have received multiple questions regarding this.
Many readers aren’t able to successfully connect Behringer mixer to a computer mainly because the
jacks on the mixer do not match the ones on the computer. We decided to, thus, write a detailed
and easy-to-understand guide to help all of you. Please keep reading.

What you must have

As aforementioned, you need a few basic items to connect your Behringer mixer to a computer.
They are:

1. A computer that has audio playback capability or a recording software program
2. One Y adapter that comes with RCA jacks on two of its ends. The other end must have a 3.5mm
3. Stereo cables

Based on your purpose (recording or transmitting audio), the equipment you use will vary.

IMPORTANT: Switch off your computer and mixer, and unplug them from the switchboards before
you begin the process.

How to Connect Behringer Mixer to Computer

How to Connect Behringer Mixer to Computer

Use the mini-plug on your adapter to insert it into the audio jack of your computer. The jack should be labeled LINE IN. If you aren’t able to find this jack, check the computer’s edge and the back.The two plugs that are on one end that you see in the audio cables will then go into the Y adapter’s RCA jacks. Now, move to the Behringer mixer and connect the other end’s plugs into the MASTER OUT jack.

Connecting a mixer to a computer to transmit audio

Locate the audio jack on your computer and insert the Y adapter’s mini-plug into it. Now, check the
audio cables and use the two plugs that are on one end to insert into the Y adapter’s RCA jacks. You
should then connect the other end of the Y adapter to the mixer’s audio input jacks.

The process is theoretically a little tedious, but when you do it, you will note that it is easy and quick.
You just need to be sure that you are using the right cables and inserting them properly. Once you
are sure about the connections, switch both your devices on and test it. If it isn’t working fine, try
reconnecting by following all the above steps. If the problem persists, try new cables. Otherwise,
speak to a professional as a last resort.

We hope our guide has answered all your questions. If you have any more doubts, please feel free to
talk to us.

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